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The focus of Prairie Freedom Alliance
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Saskatchewan Budget Doubles
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Equal Representation In Saskatchewan
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MP Accountability In Saskatchewan
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Landlocked Saskatchewan
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The Future Of The People Of Saskatchewan

Prairie Freedom Alliance is in motion towards attaining the required amount of signatures to register as an official provincial Party. Elections SK requires 2,500 valid signatures be collected on the "Petition For Registration Of A Political Party (Form E-510)". For a signature to be valid, the signee must include:

  • Full Name (Written Legibly)
  • Area Code & Phone Number (For Validation Purposes)
  • Land Location (Rural) Or Street & Number (Cities & Towns) - (P.O. Box Numbers Are Not Accepted)
  • Signature

Prairie Freedom Alliance has recently started a Petition Form & Information Mail-Out. Through our efforts, we currently have over 80+ Signature Collectors with forms being mailed in regularly. Our Mail-Out consisted of sending our collectors:

  • Petition Form (E-510)
  • Informational Flyer & Prairie Freedom Alliance Core Beliefs Print
  • Form Instructions
  • Return Envelope

Want to help with Signature Collection?

Click any one of our contact methods and request a Petition Form Package. Make sure you supply your Name, Mailing Information & Phone Number (for our collector records).

Note*: If you have received a package, please mail in the E-510 form so we can enter it into our database.