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Prairie Freedom Alliance Mission Statement

The purpose of the Prairie Freedom Alliance shall be to:

1.) Encourage the growth and success of Saskatchewan Independence by promoting the return to citizens the power of self determination through education, participation, and core democratic values;

2.) Cultivate cooperative and productive relationships with like minded groups and individuals in order to facilitate shared political objectives;

3.) Conduct all lawful business of Prairie Freedom Alliance.

Our Vision

An Independent Saskatchewan, free from foreign interference and eastern control, where our people can determine their own future and reap the rewards of their labour in peace and harmony.

Our Values

We stand for human and property rights, social justice and the end of eastern domination of our government, laws and culture. We believe in equal opportunity without the exclusion of any citizen or legal resident. We are committed to the principles of good governance and rule of law. We believe that the citizenry has the power to effectuate change in our lands. We encourage action and the fair sharing of responsibility for the improvements of our community and society as an integrated whole.

Saskatchewan Wheat Crest