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Prairie Freedom Alliance Fundamental Principles

1.) Saskatchewan Independence: Establish a committee made up of Economists, Political Scientists & Lawyers to examine the process, benefits and negative effects of Saskatchewan separation – including a joint separation between all Western Provinces.

2.) Illegal Immigration: Review legal obligation to prevent illegal immigration from entering Saskatchewan.

3.) Home Ownership: Establish a committee to handle the return of land ownership back to the people of Saskatchewan.

4.) Healthcare: Reform the Saskatchewan Healthcare system by instituting the following potential cost-saving measures:

  • A decrease in Upper Management.
  • Incorporating a small administration fee upon unnecessary visits to a GP (aside from cost savings, this will also reduce wait times for patients in need of critical care).
  • Include licensed Naturopathic/Homeopathic Practitioners in the Healthcare system.
  • stablish a Healthcare statistics program for determining the most effective methods of treatment – adjust the Healthcare budget in favour of methods that prove to be successful.

5.) Justice System: Reform the Saskatchewan Justice system by instituting the following:

  • Create a Justice system that sympathizes the victim over the offender.
  • Challenge the current Justice system by enacting an election system for provincial judges instead of an appointed system.
  • Revamp the Corrections system to one where prison time will not be counted double while on remand if found guilty.
  • Create training programs for incarcerated citizens that will assist them in acquiring the necessary qualities for becoming an asset to the community.
  • Review benefits of a “Work-To-Release” program.

6.) Police System: Institute the following changes to improve the Saskatchewan Police system:

  • Replace the RCMP with the Saskatchewan Police Force.
  • Create an Auxiliary Police Task Force for rural and remote areas.

7.) Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance & Income Tax: By Constitutional Right, Saskatchewan will allocate the previous items to the control of the People of Saskatchewan.

8.) Self-Protection: Strengthen Personal & Property Protection Rights

9.) Welfare System: Reform the Welfare system by instituting the following measures:

  • Complete a top-to-bottom audit of the Welfare system; implement cost-savings in areas of loose regulations, abuse & unnecessities.

10.) Government: Reform the Government by instituting the following measures:

  • Establish a ‘Citizen’s Consent’ in legislation for excessive borrowing beyond a determined limit.
  • Establish a ‘Transparency Act’ allowing Saskatchewan citizens access to all Government contracts, including but not limited to awarded contracts to bidders (excluding Defense and any sensitive Security information).

11.) Saskatchewan-First Policy: Establish the following measures to promote a Saskatchewan-First Policy:

  • Encourage Saskatchewan Energy, Material & Commodity Corporations to finish raw products within Saskatchewan prior to exporting.
  • Encourage businesses to purchase locally instead of out-of-Saskatchewan or foreign, thereby cultivating businesses to open necessary branches in Saskatchewan.
  • Audit the ‘Temporary Foreign Worker’ program; Institute a Saskatchewan-Worker First policy.

12.) Taxation: Institute the following changes to Saskatchewan Taxation:

  • Deregulate the Saskatchewan Tax Code.
  • Change to a ‘Flat Tax’ or ‘Consumption Tax’ in lieu of the current Income Tax.

13.) Education System: Institute the following changes to Education System:

  • Implement basic life skills into Secondary education, such as, but not limited to: Money Management, Child Rearing.
  • Reduce class times throughout Elementary & Secondary, increase Physical Education throughout the school day.
  • Create education for Mental Health studies within Secondary schooling.
  • Educate on the importance of employment equality beginning in Elementary throughout Secondary.
  • Require all staff within the Ministry of Education have knowledge of Saskatchewan’s social issues by first-hand experience within the various communities as a prerequisite.
  • Remove Sex Education from adolescent education.

14.) Government Programs: Audit and delete programs that are not in use or out-of-date.

15.) MP Accountability: Allow the People of Saskatchewan the ability to remove failed elected MP’s by method of referendum or petition.